General questions

We are a team of very experienced Architects and SysAdmin specialized in Linux servers security and performances.
Our fields of competences are Security and Performances for dedicated and cloud servers.
We build and operate powerful and secured platforms in many countries, including USA, Canada, France, China and Israel.
We may provide any kind of services related to servers. Please feel free to contact us.

We are proud to have provided over more than 20 years high quality services to very large organizations to build, test and secure their strategic platforms.
Now we provide High Quality Services on a package basis to any company, small or large, running e-commerce business.

Our servers are fully secured large servers hosted in many places in the world at very professional datacenters.
Our servers are just closed, accepting connexions only from our wellknown IPs, only encrypted, no password available.
Our servers replicate their disks one to the other to ensure full data protection.
According to the wellknown "Keep your Secret Secret", we don't expose our technology and servers exact place. It's simply more secured.
Secure your Websites

The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Register an account at
  • Activate your account by hitting the emailed activation link.
  • Connect to your account and hit the button Add a Website. Add here all webistes you want to secure.
  • You will have to fill a form with your website/database details and choose the right plan. At this step, you will enter your ftp login password as well as your database login details to allow our robots to connect securely to your data. All our robots connections to your data will be ecncrypted. Your login details are stored on remote secured data servers. There is no way to access them from a foreign IP.
  • From that point, you will be able to run a manual backup at any time, as well as automatic backups will run with no more action.
  • To download or restore a single file or a complete backup, just choose one and hit the icon on the right.
  • You will receive a temporary link by email to download/restore the desired file. There is no way to access directly to your saved data.
  • Very simple, very secured.
  • Concerning your files, we run at each time an incremental synchronization to minimize disks and network ressources. Only new or modified files are securely tranferred from your website to our servers. We keep all versions of each modified file, in the limit of your plan disk volume, as well as daily complete backups.
    Concerning your database, we run a complete dump of your base, from your own website, and transfer it to our servers. All transfers are encrypted. We keep as much backups as we can in the limit of your plan disk volume.

    All your data are transferred on secured and encrypted connections to our backup servers. Then our servers replicates your data to ensure their availability.
    Our servers are located worldwide, in very secured datacenters. For security reason, our secured architecture includes Private Clouds servers, with secured connections between them. Your data is safe and highly confidential.

    To download or restore a complete backup, a database dump, or a single file, you just have to hit the restore/download icon.
    You will shortly receive an email to authenticate your demand and activate it.

    Of course, all your datas are available to restore/download at any time.

    Our robots inspect your directories for changes and inform based on our troyans, hacks lists

    We keep old files versions for as much time enabled by your plan disk space, so you can recover for changes from old versions

    We maintain a database of identified troyans and hacks. Every day we compare new files on your website to our list and alert in case of a match

    We monitor your website availability and alert on bad response, no response. Thus, in case of a crash or hack, you may run a restore as soon as possible

    In case of hack, you will receive a specific alert.

    Our support is available by email at any time. For any question, just contact us.
    Secure your Servers

    Very simple: We manage all the system part of your server, packages, system parameters, security, database server, databases optimization, network, ...., outside your applications, outside the DocumentRoot on Web servers.

    After you enroll, we will start the setup of your computer:
  • Check actual security level, and decide what security is needed for your application.
  • Close all uneeded ports, and open only ports needed for your applications
  • Close all passwords accesses, and allow only crypted connexions through certificates for ssh, sftp.
  • Secure your databases.
  • Update Linux packages.
  • Setup automatic backups and automatic transfers to our Private Clouds to secure your data.
  • Run our security scripts on your servers logs to detect breach tries.
  • Setup dynamic breach tries and automatic IP ban.
  • Packages upgrades are often for security purposes. We check if packages upgrades are compatible with your applications, and if so, we run it.

    We guarantee to rebuild completely your server from last saved backups in case of 100% disk loss. We will proceed as fast as possible, after your hardware is back up and running, but sometimes it takes a few hours.

    For basic plan, we save periodical backups on your own server disk. As much as your disk is OK, we still can get back your data if needed.

    We backup your whole server to our Private cloud. So, even if your disk is broken, we can rebuild your server from the last saved backups.

    We handle backups for all types of databases, especially for MySQL and MongoDB databases.

    We keep your important data on our Private clouds as much as we have remaining space for your account. Then we simply delete old versions.

    Here is the maximum space allocated for your plan to save your data.

    We manage your iptables/firewalld firewall rules to ensure maximum security.

    We run daily scripts to detect security breaches tries, and alert in case of positive.

    We monitor your server 24x7 and we periodically analyze performances results to inform you if you need some ressources upgrades.

    In case of lack of cpu/disk/memory, we alert you.

    If we detect some process that consumes too much ressources, we alert you and propose some changes if possible.

    We manage all relations with your hosting company.

    We permanently monitor your server ressources to detect and prevent possible lack of ressources.

    We can develop specific scripts dedicated to your application.

    In case of hack, you will receive a specific alert.

    You can benefit of our experts assistance up to limited time.

    Our support is available by email at any time. For any question, just contact us.